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Burly Girls Welcomes New Sales Rep- Nov. 15, 2010

Burly Girls would like to welcome our new Arizona sales rep, Carly Bonar. We look foward to working with her!

If you are in the Arizona area please contact her at carly@burlygirls.com

Burly Girls Team Rider Takes Third at the 1st Annual Fluidride Cup - April 6, 2008

Team rider, Angi Weston took third place at the 1st annual Fluidride Cup in Port Angeles, WA this past weekend. This was a great downhill race in the Pacific Northwest where the conditions were muddy and fast! After a day of free shuttling and great runs on Saturday, the race was held the next day. Angi raced in the expert division with a well rounded group of burly girls!

Great job Angi! Click here for more details on upcoming Fluidride races.

Burly Girls at the World Cup
Written by Jaymie Mart

Date: 9/10th September
Venue: Schladming, Austria
Weather Conditions: 27°C. Sunny and dry.
Course length: 1.3 miles
Average Speed of fastest female rider: 27KM/HR

The course itself starts at the Planai Mittlestation and runs down to the Planai Zeildstation. It was built and altered under the watchful eye of the dashing Robert Warner. As a result, it is one of the more appealing courses to many of the riders on the circuit due to its sheer speed and fun factor rating of 10/10. There are many bermed corners, tight terns and one or two rooty sections on course. To race on, it is physically demanding, the majority of the actual terrain consists primarily of bedded in hard ground with a coating of dust, which creates a fast and somewhat unpredictable surface. There are many places you could potentially loose speed, lots of braking bumps and two wheel slide out opportunities, however, not many places to gain an advantage, consequently, everyone was chasing perfection.
Check out the rest of the article here

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