burly girls clothing: about

Burly Girls are females of all ages and from all over the world. Burly Girls are your sisters, daughters, wives, moms and friends that are adventurous, stylish, strong, beautiful, love excitement and are not afraid to reach for their dreams.

Burly Girls Clothing is a progressive collaboration between female snowboarders, skateboarders, artists, surfers, mountain bikers, skiers, designers, and fashionistas.

Burly Girls Clothing was founded by two sisters who love seeking adventure in the outdoors. Their travels brought them to Bellingham Washington to experience epic powder days at Mt. Baker. While living in the Pacific Northwest they met many girls who like to ride the mountains, surf the oceans, and move fast on their mountain bikes. Some of these women have joined Burly Girls Clothing as graphic designers, photographers, videoagraphers and team riders. Burly Girls clothes are stylish, comfortable, original, functional, flattering, cute, high-quality and made to empower the Burly Girl in every female.
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